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Reaction Innovations LogoReaction Innovations Sweet Beaver is making waves in the bass fishing market with their range of soft plastic baits, which are quickly becoming the most sought-after lures. The reasons behind their remarkable success become evident once you hold one of their baits in your hands. What sets Reaction Innovations apart is their mastery of crafting stunning two and three-color blends that create captivating swirls and unique dual-tone patterns on baits like the Sweet Beaver. These patterns are unlike anything both anglers and fish have ever encountered.

The triumph of the Sweet Beaver is further propelled by its distinct design. Designed by pro angler and owner Andre Moore, the bait draws from his extensive on-water experience to create a compact yet robust lure that generates substantial water movement and dynamic action in virtually any fishing scenario.

The Sweet Beaver’s body boasts forward-facing ribs that generate a series of pressure waves, alerting bass to the presence of movement. Additionally, these ribs provide a texture that seems to appeal to bass when they engulf the lure. The centerline is thoughtfully recessed to enhance hook penetration, while the nose maintains thickness to secure your hook without tearing easily after each catch. The elongated, flat beaver tail features textured surfaces and edges, and it can be split for a twin tail appearance—an attention to detail that’s rarely found in soft plastic lures. Furthermore, the Sweet Beaver incorporates supplementary tails positioned at 90 degrees to the beaver tail, ensuring enticing movement no matter how you manipulate the lure.

Available in a length of 4.2″ and a quantity of 8, the Sweet Beaver promises to be a game-changer in your bass fishing arsenal.


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