Googan Squad Clickbait Vibrating Jigs…Tournament Grade Bladed Fishing Jig


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The Googan Squad Clickbait Vibrating Jigs are tournament-grade bladed fishing jigs that offer a unique combination of flash, vibration, and swimming action. These hybrid jigs feature a bladed jig design with the swimming action of a scrounger, creating a lifelike presentation that fish have never felt before. The distinctive Clickbait clack is produced when the lure's blade bangs off the leading metal blade and wire, attracting predatory bass and pike. With a simple and straight retrieve, you can effectively target shallow water fish that are eager to feed on baitfish. The Clickbait's design resembles fleeing fish, and its clacking blade triggers strikes by alerting fish through their lateral line. Additionally, the Clickbait has an oversize blade that helps keep it riding deeper in the water column, maximizing swimming action on your soft plastic trailer. It also features three rattlin' beads for added attraction. This product is covered by U.S. Patent No US10834909 and another patent pending.

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3/8 oz. 4/0 Sunrise Craw, 3/8 oz. 4/0 Fire Craw, 3/8 oz. 4/0 Bluegill, 3/8 oz. 4/0 Blue Craw, 3/8 oz. 4/0 White Chartreuse, 3/8 oz. 4/0 Black/Blue, 1/2 oz. 5/0 Sexy Shad

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These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information visit:


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