Freedom Tackle FT Structure Jig

Freedom Tackle Corp LogoCrafted with a broad, wedge-shaped head and a 60-degree line tie, the Freedom Tackle FT Structure Jig boasts a versatile design that effortlessly maneuvers through grass, trees, brush piles, and various covers. Featuring an oversized weed guard, these structure jigs significantly reduce snagging, allowing you to navigate around structures that might trap other jigs. To keep your soft plastics securely in place, Freedom Tackle’s exclusive non-slip bait keeper comes equipped with a double barb, ensuring a tight grip on the premium black nickel jig hook.

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Adding to its effectiveness, the Freedom Tackle FT Structure Jig is equipped with a double glass rattle band and a premium 50-strand silicone skirt. This combination offers both audible and visual appeal, enticing an aggressive feeding response from your target species.


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1/2 oz., 5/8 oz.

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