Double Prop Buzzbaits

Double Prop Buzzbaits – an essential addition to any angler’s toolkit. At Bass Hounds, we carry the finest selection of top name brand lures, and these buzzbaits are no exception. Designed with precision and innovation, the Double Prop Buzzbaits feature dual propellers that create a captivating surface disturbance, mimicking the movement of vulnerable prey. Crafted by renowned brands in the industry, these buzzbaits are a testament to quality and effectiveness.

Our collection of buzzbaits is not just about lures; it’s about elevating your bass fishing game with tried-and-true designs that have stood the test of time. These buzzbaits are chosen for their ability to entice even the most elusive bass, triggering aggressive strikes that every angler dreams of. When you shop at Bass Hounds, you’re investing in more than just gear; you’re investing in an experience backed by top-tier brands that understand the art of fishing.

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