Master Chatterbait Fishing for Largemouth Bass

Master Chatterbait Fishing for Largemouth Bass

Master Chatterbait Fishing for Largemouth Bass

The Chatterbait, a revolutionary lure in largemouth bass fishing, was invented in 2004 by Ron Davis Sr. and his son Ron Davis Jr.

History of the Chatterbait:

The Chatterbait, a revolutionary lure in largemouth bass fishing, was invented in 2004 by Ron Davis Sr. and his son Ron Davis Jr. This innovative bait combined the action of a spinnerbait with the profile of a jig, offering anglers a unique and highly effective way to target bass. The patented design features a hexagonal blade that produces intense vibrations and erratic movements, triggering strikes from predatory fish. Over the years, the Chatterbait has become a staple in bass fishing, with numerous tournament victories to its credit.

How to Rig Chatterbait:

To rig a Chatterbait, first, choose a suitable soft plastic trailer, such as a swimbait, craw, or paddle tail worm. Thread the trailer onto the hook, ensuring it is straight and aligned with the hook shank. You can also add a split ring to the blade’s line tie for improved action and to prevent line slippage. Finally, tie the Chatterbait to your line using a Palomar or Improved Clinch Knot.

How to Choose the Most Productive Color of Chatterbait:

Selecting the right Chatterbait color depends on water clarity, weather conditions, and local forage. In clear water, use natural colors like green pumpkin, watermelon, or shad. In murky water, opt for brighter colors like chartreuse, white, or black and blue. In low-light conditions or overcast skies, choose darker shades like black or blue. Observe local baitfish or crawfish species to mimic their color patterns, increasing your chances of success.

When is Chatterbait Most Effective in Catching Largemouth Bass:

Chatterbaits are most effective during the pre-spawn and spawn, when bass are aggressive and more likely to chase moving baits. They also excel in shallow, grassy areas, around submerged wood, and near docks or other structure. However, Chatterbaits can be productive throughout the year, especially in the presence of aquatic vegetation or baitfish schools.

How to Fish Chatterbait:

To fish a Chatterbait, cast it near your target area and let it sink briefly before beginning your retrieve. Use a steady, moderate-speed retrieve while occasionally imparting short twitches or pauses to trigger strikes. Experiment with different retrieve speeds and actions to find the most effective approach for the day. You can also fish Chatterbaits in deeper water by allowing them to sink longer or using a slow-rolling retrieve near the bottom.

How to Set the Hook Using the Chatterbait:

When you feel a bite on your Chatterbait, it’s essential to set the hook correctly. Reel in any slack line, then perform a side-sweeping hookset with a firm, swift motion. This will drive the hook into the fish’s mouth and help ensure a successful catch.

How Chatterbait is Made or Manufactured:

Chatterbaits are manufactured by attaching a hexagonal blade to a lead jig head. The blade is connected to the jig head using a split ring or bent wire, allowing it to pivot and vibrate during the retrieve. A silicone or rubber skirt is added for added attraction, and a high-quality hook is integrated into the jig head.

Is the Chatterbait Considered a Search Bait or Finnesse Bait:

Chatterbait is primarily used as a search bait for covering water quickly and locating active fish. Its vibration and erratic action make it an excellent choice for targeting aggressive bass in shallow to mid-depth areas with grass, wood, or other structure.

What Type of Line is Recommended When Fishing with Chatterbait:

Braided line is often recommended for fishing with Chatterbait due to its low stretch and increased sensitivity. A fluorocarbon leader (12-20 lb) is also suggested to provide abrasion resistance and near invisibility underwater. The leader should be 12-24 inches long, connected to the braid using a double uni knot or an FG knot.

High End Rod - G. Loomis IMX-Pro (7'1" Medium-Heavy)

High End Reel - Shimano Curado DC

Mid Grade Rod - St. Croix Bass X Casting (7'1" Medium-Heavy)

Mid Grade Reel - Lew's Speed Spool LFS

Budget Rod - Abu Garcia Vendetta Casting (7' Medium-Heavy)

Budget Reel - Daiwa Fuego CT


In conclusion, Chatterbaits are versatile and highly effective lures for largemouth bass fishing. By understanding their history, rigging, color selection, and proper techniques, you can greatly increase your chances of success on the water.


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